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Mike's World

Mike's World (Artforum, Feb. 2008, David Joselit)
Mike's World review (Philadelphia Weekly, May 2008, Robeta Fallon)
Mike's World review (Austin American-Statesman, Oct. 2007, Jeanne Claire van Ryzin)
Mike's World review(Modern Painters, Feb. 2008, Mary Ellen Carroll)
Mike’s World review (New York Times,May 13, 2008 Ken Johnson)
Mike’s World review (Hixson Art US, March 22, 2008)

Open House

Open House feature (New Museum)
Open House review (New York Times, May 7 1999, Ken Johnson)
Open House (Artnet, Dec 6 2001, Alan Moore)
Open House (Freize Issue 49 November-December 1999)
Open House Review (Artforum Nov. 1999, Thad Ziolkowski)


QuinQuag review (New York Times, Dec 7, 2001 Grace Glueck)
QuinQuag review (Village Voice, Tuesday, December 11th 2001 Jerry Saltz)
QuinQuag review (Art in America, Nov, 2002 Joe Fyfe)
QuinQuag (ArtForum , Summer 2002 Rachel Withers)
QuinQuag review (Christine Burgin, Art News)
Artforum Top Ten (Artforum, May 2003 Guy Richards Smit)
QuinQuag (Art Monthly, May 2002, Alex Farquharson)
Quin Quag review (Contemporary, March 2002, Katie Kitamura)

Mus-co: 1969-1997

Mus-co review (New York Times, March 28,1997 Roberta Smith)
Mus-co review (Frieze Isue 35 June – August 1997- Frazer Ward)


The 2007-2008 Austin Critics Table Awards
Art News humor issue 2004
Mike’s Talent Show (New York Times, Friday, December 11, 1987)
What’s on the Art Box? Spins, Satire and Camp (New York Times, Jan 11, 2008)