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Charlie Ahearn has been a New York filmmaker since the mid-70's, directing Michael Smith in Twins in 1980. In 1982 he made his hip hop classic movie, Wild Style. He has recently created a series of hip hop musical shorts, such as Bongo Barbershop with Grand Master Caz and Busy At The Beach with The Chief Rocker Busy Bee. (Road to Esperanto)

Mark Bingham is a composer and recording studio operator who lives in New Orleans. He has recently collaborated with Ed Sanders, completing the final saga of the Johnny Pissoff story, and provided the score for Poems For New Orleans. Since moving to New Orleans in 1982, he has produced 2 children's CDs and over 100 CDs for other artists. His most recent release, "The White Man Just Can't Be Trusted," is out on a new label called Gallatin Street. (It Starts at Home; Go For It, Mike; Bill Loman Master Salesman; Mike Builds a Shelter; The World of Photography; Mike’s Talent Show)

Power Boothe Dean of the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, is an abstract painter and an award-winning set designer for theater, dance and video productions. He has received numerous awards in each of these fields, including a Bessie Award, several National Endowment for the Arts Inter-Arts Fellowships, and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship for painting. He has had twenty solo exhibitions in New York and his work is represented in many public collections, including the Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the British Museum.  (It Starts at Home; Mike’s House; Bill Loman Master Salesman; Keeping Up with the 80s)

Dick Connette [a.k.a. A. Leroy] has been composing, performing, and recording music since 1970. His work has been presented by The Kitchen, LaMaMa, Arts at St. Ann's, New Sounds Live at Merkin Hall, and Central Park's SummerStage. Over the last 20 years he has devoted himself to writing music and songs based on American folk and popular traditions. Two CDs of this work have been released by Nonesuch Records: "Last Forever" and "Trainfare Home."  In addition, he wrote and helped record arrangements for songs on Loudon Wainwright III's CD, “Last Man on Earth,” and Suzzie and Maggie Roche's CD, “Zero Church,” and produced Geoff Muldaur's “Private Astronomy.”  (It Starts at Home; Go For It, Mike; Bill Loman Master Salesman; Mike Builds a Shelter; The World of Photography; Keeping Up with the 80s; Mike’s Talent Show; Mike’s Big TV Show)

Mark Fischer received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design before moving to New York City in the late 1970s. Soon after settling he started Rough Cut Video, a video production company that offered a wide range of services. In addition to collaborating with Michael Smith he worked with various artists including Tony Oursler, Shelley Silver, Jeff Turtletaub, Ed Bowes and others. In the late '80s Fischer relocated to Vermont where he and his wife, Gari, own and manage Woodcock Farm and produce a range of specialty sheep's milk cheeses. (Down in the Rec Room; Secret Horror; It Starts at Home; Go For It, Mike; Mike Builds a Shelter; The World of Photography)

Colleen Growe founded CMG PRODUCTIONS, INC., where she conducts issues management and message development sessions, facilitates strategic positioning seminars and advisory boards, and conducts communications skills workshops for media, financial and industry opportunities. Ms. Growe also creates a wide range of programming from live broadcasts, advertising spots, marketing programs, travel films, documentaries and employee video magazines to Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) and Video News Releases (VNRs). She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 1998 Grand Questar Award and the 1998 Gold Questar Award, given by the Academy of Communications Arts and Sciences in recognition of excellence and innovation in corporate videos. (The Mus-Co Story; Open House)

Karen Heimann has been a graphic designer in New York for over 20 years. In the mid-90s she was the designer for Late Show with David Letterman, creating graphics and mock packaging for regular comic segments. She enjoyed contributing to the Mus-Co installation. (Mus-Co: 1969-1997)

Alan Herman is a native New Yorker who now splits his time between SoHo and a piece of pastoral farmland upstate. He enjoys cooking for friends, red wine, and warm conversation.  Herman is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant and has exhibited his paintings and sculpture extensively. He also has worked as a production designer for countless TV commercials for everything from hair products to dog food, Giorgio Armani to Preparation H.   Herman is currently working on a second collection of his poetry. (Government Approved Home Fallout Shelter Snack Bar; The World of Photography; Mike’s Big TV Show)

Carole Ann Klonarides is an independent curator and instructor of contemporary art. She is currently a consultant at the Getty Research Institute, interviewing artists from the Long Beach Museum of Art Video Collection, which was recently acquired by the Getty. Klonarides has served as Director of the Artist Pension Trust, Los Angeles (2004-06); Curator of Programming at the Santa Monica Museum of Art (1997-2000), overseeing such exhibitions as “Côte Ouest: Pierre Huyghe and Marie-Ange Guilleminot,” “Yoshitomo Nara: Lullaby Supermarket,” and “Mise en Scene - New LA Sculpture;” and Media Arts Curator at the Long Beach Museum of Art (1991-95). She lives in Los Angeles. (It Starts at Home; Mike’s House; Mike Builds a Shelter; The World of Photography; Bill Loman Master Salesman; Mike; Mike’s Talent Show)

Van Lagestein was the director of Mangelgang Gallery from 1965-75 and Corps de Garde from 1975-85, both located in Groningen, The Netherlands. His experimental program was very unique, evolving from a gallery into a producing organization, working with various visual and conceptual artists from the ‘70s and ‘80s including Michael Asher, Jack Goldstein, David Salle, Barbara Bloom, Ben D'armagnac and Michael Smith. From 1988-90 he managed Inka digital arts in Amsterdam, where he lives and works today. (The Big Relay Race; The Dirty Show)

Howard Mandel is a writer, author, editor, National Public Radio producer and adjunct faculty member at New York University, specializing in jazz, blues, new and unusual music. A Chicago native who met Michael Smith during their early high school years, Mandel accompanied Smith to comedy clubs in the early 1970s. His books include Future Jazz, The Billboard Illustrated Encyclopedia of Jazz and Blues, and Miles, Ornette, Cecil—Jazz Beyond Jazz. He is also president of the Jazz Journalists Association. (Bill Loman Master Salesman; Keeping Up with the 80s)

Alison Mork has worked as a puppeteer, voice actor, puppet designer and builder in television and film since 1986. Personal favorite roles include: Chairry, Magic Screen, and Chicky Baby in Pee-wee's Playhouse; Talking George Clooney Rod Puppet in Team America World Police; and Vanna White, Massage Parlor Receptionist, in Crank Yankers. Monk is currently involved in The Jim Henson Company's “Puppet Up” improv group and is writing and designing puppets for live performance in Hollywood, California.  (Mike’s Kiddie Show; Doug and Mike’s Adult Entertainment)

Kevin Noble is a photographer and artist who first began exhibiting in 1975 at CEPA and Hallwalls Galleries in Buffalo, NY. His work is based on curiosity about the nature of authority. Since 1989 he has been examining the dilemmas caused by occupation and resistance to occupation. He is a founding member of the Culture & Conflict Group. (Mike project photographer 1979-87)

Steve Paul is a Tony-nominated producer whose shows have been produced in cellars and penthouses, on Broadway and at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. (Mike’s Talent Show, Mike)

Stan Schnier currently lives in New York City with his rescue pooch, Gee (all the other letters in the alphabet were taken.) He is still trying to decide if he will stay on here in NYC as he recently arrived (in the autumn of 1967). The 'jury is still out' on this and other critical issues surrounding being a freelance photographer/artist, as well as an amateur lap steel guitarist, in the post-1967 world. In Stan's words, 'I am still waiting for abstract expressionism to take off.'   www.stanschnier (Documented all Smith & White collaborations)

R. Sikoryak has adapted the classics for comics anthologies such as Drawn & Quarterly, Raw, and Hotwire. His cartoons and illustrations have also appeared in Nickelodeon Magazine, The New Yorker, Little Lit, and Fortune, among many other publications, and on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Since 1997, he has presented his cartoon slide show series “Carousel” around the U.S. and Canada. (The Seduction of Mike, Doug and Mike’s Adult Entertainment, QuinQuag)

Doug Skinner is a composer, writer, and performer who has written music for many dance and theater productions, most notably for several shows by Bill Irwin. He often performs his songs in New York clubs with violist David Gold. Skinner has contributed to Fortean Times, Nickelodeon, Strange Attractor Journal, Fate, Weirdo, and many other publications. He lives and works in New York City. (Mike’s Talent Show; Mike’s Kiddie Show; Doug and Mike’s Adult Entertainment) and

William Wegman received a BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in 1965 and an MFA from the University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana in 1967. At these various universities, Wegman's interest in areas beyond painting began to develop, ultimately leading him to photography and video. Since that time his photographs, videotapes, paintings and drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. Wegman has created film and video works for Saturday Night Live and Nickelodeon and his video segments for Sesame Street have appeared regularly since 1989. (The World of Photography)